Research group

Research group

Gruppenfoto Juniorprofessur Food Safety and Quality

The group in March 2021

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If you are interested in doing your Bachelor, Master or final year thesis (Wissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeit) in the Laboratory of Food Safety and Quality please contact Prof. Hammann.


Possible topics include:

Oxidation of lipids in model systems and food products

Synthesis and characterisation of lipid oxidation products

Development of extraction and clean-up strategies for lipid profiling

Analysis of complex lipid patterns in food products using chromatography and mass spectrometry techniques



Currently there are no open positions in the group. However, if you’re interested in doing research in any of the topics mentioned above (or in topics that overlap with those) and join the group as a PhD student or Postdoc please contact Prof. Hammann to discuss your research idea and opportunities to get funding for it.