Methods and instruments

Methods and instruments

The research group has access to a wide array of techniques for sample preparation and clean-up. Particularly strategies on liquid-liquid extraction and fractionation using solid phase extraction are employed.

For the analysis of target molecules a range of chromatographic separation and detection techniques are available within the group and through collaborations. Examples can be seen below:


Gas chromatography coupled to flame ionisation detection (GC-FID)
GC-FID instrument

HP 5890 series II GC-FID


HP 5890 series II plus gas chromatograph with flame ionisation detector

  • Split/Splitless injector and Cold Injection System (Gerstel)
  • Fully programmable CTC CombiPAL autosampler system with tray for 96 samples

Applications: Workhorse in the laboratory, used for screening of samples and quantification of low molecular weight lipids


Gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
GC-MS Instrument

Trace GC Ultra with DSQ II mass spectrometer


Trace GC Ultra

  • Split/Splitless
  • injector AS 3000 autosampler for 120 samples

DSQ II mass spectrometer

  • single quadrupole instrument
  • mass range of m/z 50-1050
  • quadrupole scan rate of > 10 000 amu/s
  • separate and simultaneous acquisition of full scan and SIM data
  • Option for chemical ionisation

Applications: Analysis of small molecules and simple lipids such as fatty acids or sterols


More instruments will be added soon!