You can find more information about the research main foci of our professors and young researchers at the specific websites of our researchers. An overview of their research projects can be found in the Department’s brochure Profile.

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Here, you will find the new brochure of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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Profile 2014Here, you will find the brochure of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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The research at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy has received top rankings not only within Germany but also at international level. The most recent independent study coordinated by the German Science Council rates the Chemistry in Erlangen as “world class”. The study was written after an investigation by an international 15-member commitee of chemists.

It stated that the performance in research quality and the impact and effectiveness of research is the particular strength of the Chemistry in Erlangen (all rated with five out of five stars) . Also, the DFG fund raising capability documents top positions of Erlangen compared with other universities in Germany.

The following link provides a short summary of the main research areas at Erlangen: Chemistry and Pharmacy in Erlangen.

There are currently two Collaborative Research Groups at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, the SFB 796 “Reprogramming of host cells by microbial effectors” and the SFB 953 “Synthetic Carbon Allotropes”. Besides, several scientists are involved in the Cluster of Excellence “Engineering of Advanced Materials” (EAM) which is part of the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments.