Master’s students

Master's students in the Bachmann group

Andres Triana

Photo: Triana

Andres Triana


P. Büttner, F. Scheler, C. Pointer, D. Döhler, T. Yokosawa, E. Spiecker, E. R. Young, I. Mínguez-Bacho,* J. Bachmann*
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 11861-11868
“ZnS Ultrathin Interfacial Layers for Optimizing Carrier Management in Sb2S3-based Photovoltaics”

Helal Uddin

Photo: Uddin

Helal Uddin


Y. Zhuo, H. Sun, M. H. Uddin, M. K. S. Barr, D. Wisser, P. Roßmann, J. Esper, W. Peukert, M. Hartmann, J. Bachmann
“An additive-free silicon anode in nanotube morphology as a model lithium ion battery material”

Peichun Liao

Photograph: Liao

Peichun Liao
Jonas Neumeyer

Photo: Neumeyer

Jonas Neumeyer (B. Sc. 2019 in our group)
Maxi Dierner

Photo: Dierner

Maximilian Dierner
Vincent Mauritz

Photo: Mauritz

Vincent Mauritz
Photo Gyusang Yi

Photograph: Yi

Gyusang Yi
Alberto Zanetti (in collaboration with Prof. Karl Mandel)
Fei Ding

Photo: Ding

Fei Ding (in collaboration with Dr. Dorothea Wisser)
Xinyi Zeng