Crisp group research

Crisp group

Dr. Ryan Crisp

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Lehrstuhl für Chemistry of thin film materials (Prof. Dr. Bachmann)

Room: Room 02.141
Cauerstr. 3
91058 Erlangen

Ryan is Guest Editing a Special Issue in the journal Nanomaterials from MDPI called “Synthesis, Fabrication, and Device Applications of Nanocrystals” that is open for submission. More details can be found here:


Check out the list of Who’s-Who in solar cell research from the Materials Research Forum:

Photo gallery
Orange CuInS2 QDs

Photograph: Crisp

CuInS2 Quantum Dots in solution

yellow-green CIS-ZnS QDs

Photograph: Crisp

Highly luminescent film of CuInS2@ZnS core@shell QDs made by Vincent

Image: Ngo & Bochmann

A piece of AAO membrane looking like a nano-matchstick from Lisa’s work