Master’s students

Master's students in the Bachmann group

Rega Mathiyazhagan

Photo: Bachmann

Rega Mathiyazhagan (Mitarbeiterpraktikantin in our group 2016)
Jing Yang

Photo: Yang

Jing Yang (Mitarbeiterpraktikantin in our group 2017)
Xiaodan Wang

Photo: Wang

Xiaodan Wang (Mitarbeiterpraktikantin in our group 2017)
André Hofer

Photo: Hofer

André Hofer
Sarah Tymek

Photo: Tymek

Sarah Tymek (catalysis trainee in our group 2017)
Vanessa Koch

Photo: Bachmann

Vanessa Koch (B. Sc. 2016 and ‘HiWi’ 2017 in our group)