Master’s students

Master's students in the Bachmann group

Xiaodan Wang

Photo: Wang

Xiaodan Wang (Mitarbeiterpraktikantin in our group 2017)
Sebastian Möhrlein

Photo: Möhrlein

Sebastian Möhrlein
Ceyla ASker

Photo: Asker

Ceyla Asker: in collaboration with Prof. Yogesh Surendranath’s lab at MIT
Soheila Nadiri

Soheila Nadiri

Soheila Nadiri
Photo of Xu Wu

Photo: Wu

Xu Wu: M. Sc. student visitor from South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China


X. Wu, W. Yan, S. Liang, X. Hou, Y. Zhu, Y. Wu
Electrospun Composite PA6/PVDF/PA6 Membrane with Sandwiched Structure as Gel
Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium Ion Batteries

S. Liang, W. Yan, X. Wu, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhu, H. Wang, Y. Wu
Gel polymer electrolytes for lithium ion batteries: Fabrication, characterization and performance
Solid State Ionics 2018, 318, 2-18

Y. Li, X. Hou, Y. Zhou, W. Han, C. Liang, X. Wu, S. Wang, Q. Ru,
Electrochemical Performance of Structure-Dependent LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 in Aqueous
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
Energy Technology 2018, 6, 391-396

W. Wang, Y. Liu, X. Wu, J. Wang, L. Fu, Y. Zhu, Y. Wu
Advances of TiO2 as negative electrode materials for sodium ion batteries
Advanced Materials Technologies 2018, 3, 1800004

Photograph of Lena Nguyen

Photo: Nguyen

Lena Nguyen: in collaboration with Prof. Elizabeth Young’s lab at Lehigh University
Jonas Englhard

Photo: Englhard

Jonas Englhard
Jan Bosse

Photo: Bosse

Jan Bosse

Photo: Shupletsov

Leonid Shupletsov