Master’s students

Master's students in the Bachmann group

Florian Scheler

Photo: Bachmann

Florian Scheler: B. Sc. 2017 and HiWi 2018-2019 in our group, currently on his Master’s thesis in collaboration with the University of Valencia


  • P. Büttner, F. Scheler, C. Pointer, D. Döhler, T. Yokosawa, E. Spiecker, E. R. Young, I. Mínguez-Bacho, J. Bachmann
    “ZnS ultra-thin interfacial layers for passivation of interface defects in Sb2S3-based photovoltaics”
  • C. Pointer, P. Büttner, F. Scheler, D. Döhler, I. Mínguez-Bacho, J. Bachmann, E. R. Young
    “Elucidating mechanistic details of photo-induced charge transfer in antimony sulfide based p-i-n junctions”
  • P. Büttner, F. Scheler, C. Pointer, D. Döhler, M. K. S. Barr, A. Koroleva, D. Pankin, R. Hatada, S. Flege, A. Manshina, E. R. Young, I. Mínguez-Bacho, J. Bachmann
    ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2019, 2, 8747-8756
    “Adjusting interfacial chemistry and electronic properties of photovoltaics based on a phase-pure Sb2S3 absorber by atomic layer deposition”
  • I. Mínguez-Bacho, F. Scheler, P. Büttner, K. Bley, N. Vogel and J. Bachmann
    Ordered Nanopore Arrays with Large Interpore Distance via One-Step Anodization
    Nanoscale 2018, 10, 8385-8390,
Andres Triana

Photo: Triana

Andres Triana
Yu-Pang Chang
Philip Wiesner
Sofia Korenko


  • P. Büttner, D. Döhler, S. Korenko, S. Möhrlein, S. Bochmann, I. Mínguez-Bacho, J. Bachmann
    RSC Adv. 2020, 10, 28225-28231
    Solid state interdigitated Sb2S3 based TiO2 nanotube solar cells
Helal Uddin

Photo: Uddin

Helal Uddin


Y. Zhuo, H. Sun, M. H. Uddin, M. K. S. Barr, D. Wisser, P. Roßmann, J. Esper, W. Peukert, M. Hartmann, J. Bachmann
“An additive-free silicon anode in nanotube morphology as a model lithium ion battery material”

Julian Mitrovic

Photo: Mitrovic

Julian Mitrovic
Peichun Liao

Photograph: Liao

Peichun Liao
Jonas Neumeyer

Photo: Neumeyer

Jonas Neumeyer (B. Sc. 2019 in our group)