The Graduate School Molecular Science offers several events and activities for the members of the Graduate School.

The GSMS Academy:

Best-Project-Presentation 2017/AK Hirsch (Photo: Jux/FAU)

Best-Project-Presentation 2017 (Photo: Jux/FAU)

Winter School

Once a year, all members and graduates of the Graduate School meet for a workshop for about one week. The graduates present their works and several members of the GSMS give lectures on their research areas. External scientists are very welcome.
This year Winter School takes place again in Kirchberg, Austria, February 9th – 14th, 2020.


February 9th – 14th, 2020

GSMS Winter School 2020

in Kirchberg/Austria

Members GSMS Winter School (Photo: N. Jux/FAU)

Members GSMS Winter School 2017 (Photo: N. Jux/FAU)

Lecture program

Every term lectures are given by national and international high reputed scientists. Usually, there is a get-together after the event.