Main Research Areas

Preview image of the brochure Profile 2018

Profile 2018

The research brochure Profile 2018 is available as download. For further information about the main research areas of our scientists, feel free to search the websites of our research groups.

Download Profile 2018 (PDF, about 5 MB)

Profile 2014 (image: FAU)

Profile 2014

The research brochure is available as download.

Download Profile 2014 (PDF, about 8,3 MB)

Download Profile 2014 (PDF, about 22 MB)


Profile 2010 (image: FAU)

Profile 2010

The research brochure is available as download. You can get an issue at the administrative office of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, too.

Download Profile 2010 (PDF, 4,3 MB)


Cover Bunsentagung (image: FAU)

Special issue “Bunsentagung 2006”

Download special issue Bunsentagung (PDF, 22 MB) (in German)