Investigators of the GSMS

Member Chair Research Area
PD Dr. Amsharov, Konstantin Organic Chemistry
  • Rational synthesis of sp2-carbon based nanostructures
Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann (Foto: Erich Malter, FAU) Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
  • Development of preparative methods for nanostructured materials and interfaces at which various types of energy conversion phenomena can be studied
Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Brabec Organization: Department of Materials Science and Engineering  
  • Renewable Energies
  • Photovoltaics & Solar Energy
  • Production of Semiconductor Devices by Printing / Coating Methods
  • Combinatorial & High Throughput Research: Methods, Materials, Processes


Prof. Dr. Nicolai Burzlaff (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Nicolai Burzlaff Inorganic Chemistry
  • Coordination chemistry
  • Activation of small molecules
Max_von_Delius_2018 Prof. Dr. Max von Delius Organic Chemistry
  • Synthetic Carbon allotropes: preparation of innovative supramolecular materials for applications in organic photovoltaics
  • Systems chemistry: supramolecular chemistry, dynamic covalent chemistry and the chemistry of carbon materials
Prof. Dr. Thomas Drewello (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Thomas Drewello Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry
Prof. Dr. Rainer Fink (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Rainer Fink Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Surface and thin film characterization
Dr. Roland Gillen
(Young Investigator)
Experimental Physics
  • Structural, electronic, and optical properties of 1D and 2D materials, in particular the effect of interlayer interaction, interfaces, and chemical functionalization
Prof. Dr. Andreas Görling (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Andreas Görling Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Theoretical chemistry
  • Density-functional theory
Prof. Dr. Franziska Gröhn Physical Chemistry
  • Molecular Nanostructures
Prof. Dr. Dirk Guldi (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Dirk M. Guldi
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Carbon nano-structures
  • Solar energy conversion
Prof. Dr. Markus Halik Prof. Dr. Markus Halik Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Carbon nano-structures
  • Solar energy conversion
Prof. Dr. Sjoerd Harder (Foto: Erich Malter, FAU) Prof. Dr. Sjoerd Harder Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
  • Organometallic chemistry of early main group metals, with a special interest in the heavier alkaline-earth metals (Ca, Sr and Ba), the late group 12 d-block metals (e.g. Zn) and the lanthanides
Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrich Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrich Medicinal Chemistry
  • Radical carbodiazenylation and carboamination
  • Radical carboaminohydroxylation and carbohydroxylation
  • Radical allylation and vinylation
  • Photochemical generation of aryl radicals
  • Radical biaryl synthesis
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch
Organic Chemistry
  • Functional moleclar architectures
  • Supramolecular chemistry
Prof. Dr. Peter Hommelhoff Laser Physics
Prof. Dr. Norbert Jux (Foto: Erich Malter, FAU) apl. Prof. Dr. Norbert Jux
(Administration Director)
Organic Chemistry
  • Porphyrin chemistry
  • Functional porphyrins
Dr. Milan Kivala (Foto: Erich Malter, FAU) Prof. Dr. Milan Kivala Organic Chemistry
  • Synthesis of unprecedented heteroatom-doped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
    with the aim
    i) to investigate the influence of various heteroatoms on their fundamental characteristics and
    ii) to apply the resulting compounds as functional materials in organic optoelectronic devices
Prof. Dr. Jörg Libuda (Foto: Erich Malter, FAU) Prof. Dr. Jörg Libuda Physical Chemistry
  • Kinetics and dynamics of chemical reactions at complex surfaces and in complex environments
Prof. Dr. Sabine Maier Prof. Dr. Sabine Maier Experimental Physics
  • Understanding of molecular structures and ultra-thin films on surfaces using high-resolution scanning probe microscopy
  • Spectroscopy
Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Theoretical Chemistry
  • Density-functional theory
Prof. Dr. Karsten Meyer (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Karsten Meyer
Inorganic Chemistry
  • Small molecule activation
  • Molecular catalysis
Prof. Dr. Andreij Mokhir (Foto: Erich Malter, FAU) Prof. Dr. Andriy Mokhir Organic Chemistry
  • Processing and application of assessable chemical catalysts (a) for the analysis of biomolecules (nucleic acids, proteis) in living cells, (b) for the formation of functional nanostructures and (c) as cancer specific cytostatics
dr-daniel-niesner Dr. Daniel Niesner
(Young Investigator)
Surface Science and Corrosion
  • Image-potential states and work function of graphene
  • Unoccupied states of topological insulators
  • Lead halide perovskites: electronic structure and dynamics
Dr. Maria-Eugenia Peréz-Ojeda
(Young Investigator)
Organic Chemistry
  • Functional Carbon Allotropes
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert Particle Technology
  • Particle synthesis
  • Particle functionalization
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schatz (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schatz Organic Chemistry
  • Supramoleclar chemistry
  • Catalysis
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Erdmann Spiecker Material Science and Engineering
  • Micro- and Nanostructure Research
Prof. Dr. Patrik Schmuki Prof. Dr. Patrick Schmuki Surface Science and Corrosion
  • Corrosion
  • Surface science
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Steinrück Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Steinrück Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Molecular surface reactions
Prof. Dr. Svetlana Tsogoeva (Foto: Gerd Grimm, FAU) Prof. Dr. Svetlana Tsogoeva Organic Chemistry
  • Organocatalysis
  • Catalysis
Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid Prof. Dr. Peter Wasserscheid Chemical and Bioengineering
  • Reaction engineering
Prof. Dr. Heiko-B. Weber Prof. Dr. Heiko Weber Applied Physics
  • Molecular electronics
Prof. Dr. Dirk Zahn Prof. Dr. Dirk Zahn Theoretical Chemistry
  • Reactions in complex Systems
  • Self-Organization of Crystals, Macromolecules and Composites
  • Phase Transitions and Phase Separation
  • Materials Simulations
  • Sampling Biomolecular Systems