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Ryan Crisp

Photograph: Crisp

Dr. Ryan W. Crisp (IZNF 02.141) did his Bachelors in Engineering Physics and Masters in Applied Physics at the Colorado School of Mines. He obtained his Ph. D. in Applied Physics in December 2015 from the Colorado School of Mines after carrying out his research at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) on the synthesis, optoelectronic properties, and characterization of quantum dots and nanocrystals for use in solar cells working with Joseph M. Luther. He next had a Postdoctoral research position at TU Delft working with Arjan Houtepen on synthesis, spectroscopy, and charge carrier transport in non-toxic nanocrystal solar cells.

Ryan is now starting his independent career at CTFM as a habilitand on the assembly of functional quantum dot and nanocrystal layers with exceptional photophysical properties, with support from FAU’s ‘Emerging Talents Initiative’.

Furthermore, Ryan is Guest Editing a Special Issue in the journal Nanomaterials from MDPI called “Synthesis, Fabrication, and Device Applications of Nanocrystals” that is open for submission. More details can be found here:

Katharina Dehm

Photograph: Dehm

Katharina Dehm: HiWi — Developing QD-LD and characterizing film deposition
Lisa Ngo: HiWi — Investigating electroless deposition of Pt and NiCoB in anodized alumina oxide porous membranes.

Photograph: Tran

Minh-Hoa Tran: chemistry education student working on her license thesis and as a HiWi on PbS QD solar cells for tandem cell applications.
Vincent Mauritz

Photograph: Mauritz

Vincent Mauritz: MSc thesis student working on developing synthetic methods for sulfide-based quantum dots and nanocrystals and characterization of their optoelectronic properties with specific focus on CuInS2@ZnS and BaZrS3.
René Schmelzer: chemistry education student working on his license thesis on the topic of TiO2 nanotube-based Li ion batteries.
Photo Gyusang Yi

Photograph: Yi

Gyusang Yi: MSc thesis student working on PbS QD tandem solar cells.
Alberto Zanetti: MSc thesis student working on synthesis of CuInS2 and ZnSe QDs and their spray-drying assembly into supraparticles in collaboration with Prof. Karl Mandel’s group at FAU and Würzburg.


Past members and student trainees:

Daniel Kremitzl — HiWi, Catalysis practical, & MSc specialization module
Lisa-Marie Augustin — HiWi
Simon Merkel — Nanotechnology practical
Michael Landes — Nanotechnology practical
Theresa Stigler — Nanolab practical course
Vincent Mauritz — Nanolab practical course
Timo Uhlein — BSc thesis & HiWi
Bowen Yang — Advanced IC lab
Alexey Saushev — Advanced IC lab