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Job opening

We are looking for a secretary! Here is the advertisement (in German).

Two new group members

Dr. Maïssa Barr and Yuanyuan Cao joined our group on October 1. Maïssa is a graduate of Aix-Marseille University in France and obtained her Ph. D. with Dr. Lionel Santinacci at CINAM. Yuanyuan is a CSC fellow from Wuhan University in China. Welcome to both!

Three new articles

Last week, three of our manuscripts were accepted for publication: Annik’s Langmuir paper on redox-responsive surfaces, Sandra’s ChemSusChem paper on iron oxide electrodes, and Sebastian’s RSC Advances paper on segmented magnetic nanowires. Congratulations to all!

Thin film materials chemistry

Our group has now become the “Chair of Thin film Materials Chemistry” — see the news feature (in German)!

ETI support

Congratulations to Dr. Ignacio Minguez in our group, who just secured financial support from our University’s Emerging Talents Initiative!

Textbook edited

The book entitled “Atomic Layer Deposition in Energy Conversion Applications”, edited by Julien, has been released — definitely a good read!

Best student presentation prize

Sandra was awarded a prize for her presentation at the Mendeleev 2017 conference in Saint Petersburg. поздравляем caндра!

New Ph. D. student

Xin Liu just joined our group from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a scholarship of the China Scholarship Council. Welcome Xin!

Peer review

Julien has been designated a “Nanotechnology Outstanding Reviewer” by the IOP for his peer review activity.


Steffi’s paper obtained in the framework of our collaboration with the colleagues at Saint Petersburg State University has been accepted by Nanotechnology!

Ph. D. defense

Yanlin successfully defended her Ph. D. thesis on November 28, 2016! Congratulations, Dr. Wu!


Sandra was selected for the Russian-German Young Scientist Award for her work performed in the framework of our collaboration with Prof. Alina Manshina at Saint Petersburg State University in 2015 — congratulation Sandra!

Several new group members

Recent additions to our team have been Johannes Fichtner (Master’s student), Pascal Büttner and Dirk Döhler (who are starting on their Ph. D. theses), Dr. Adriana Both Engel and Dr. Ignacio Mínguez Bacho (postdocs). Welcome to all of them!

Week of the environment

Jule participated in the ‘Week of the environment’ (Woche der Umwelt) with the “German Environment Foundation” (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt). Here she is in discussion with the Federal President Joachim Gauck and the Secretary of State Dr. Georg Schütte (of the Ministry of Education and Research) — totally relaxed!

Jule Schneider with Bundespräsident Gauck at Woche der Umwelt

Image: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

New papers

Good start in 2016, with our papers on hydrogenase electrodes and on the norbornadiene/quadricyclane system being accepted for publication in J. Mater. Chem. A and in ChemSusChem (as a ‘Very Important Paper’), respectively!

Two new group members

Dr. Hong Sun and Andreas Reichert just joined our group as a postdoc and as a Master’s student, respectively. Welcome to the team!

Two new papers

Our manuscripts on ALD from the liquid phase and on XMCD-PEEM on modulated magnetic nanowires (with Institut Néel in Grenoble) have been accepted in Nano Letters and PRB, repsectively!

ERC project started

Our ERC project started on September 1. We are busy unpacking new instruments…

New Ph. D. student

Julia Schneider just started her Ph. D. work with us on a scholarship from the Bundesstiftung Umwelt — welcome Jule!


Sandra Haschke was awarded the Zerweck prize for the best overall Master’s degree 2015 in chemistry and molecular science — congratulations, Sandra!

Three new papers

Our manuscripts on a scaled-up anodization setup, a photoelectrochemically active, concentric p-i junction, and water oxidizing Fe2O3 electrodes have been accepted in Rev. Sci. Instrum., Electrochim. Acta, and ChemCatChem, respectively.

ERC grant

Julien’s project ‘SOLACYLIN’ has been selected for funding with a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council!
(FAU news notice to that, in German)

Logo ERC

New papers

Yanlin’s paper on concentric, nanocylindrical photovoltaic structures and Loïc’s paper on nanoporous electrode surfaces via Pt ALD have been published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A!


Sandra Haschke’s Master’s thesis was selected for this year’s Springer BestMasters awards. Congratulations, Sandra!


Dr. Loïc Assaud was awarded the ‘Prix Doctorant SCF-PACA/CDP Innovation 2014‘ for the excellence of his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Loïc!

Thematic Series

A Thematic Series on ‘Energy conversion applications of atomic layer deposition‘ has been published by Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology. The editorial is available here.


Markus’s scanning electron micrograph of platinum nanotubes was chosen for the back cover of Dalton Transactions’ special issue ‘New Talent: Europe’!

Funding and collaborative projects

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