Module selection

The Master’s degree program is structured modular. The individual modules and their major focal points are listed below. Please see the module guide for more detail on the contents of each course.

The selection of modules must be done at the beginning of your studies and registered via StudOn. Please refer to our step-by-step guide.

You will need to choose one mandatory module, either MSM-life or MSM-nano, one of the six mandatory elective modules, and one elective module.

The modules MSM-SM, MSM-CA, and MSM-REP are mandatory.

Please note that you will need the approval of the module coordinator for individual modules. Please find further information on StudON.

Mandatory modules

MSM-life – Drug Discovery
MSM-nano– Molecular Nanoscience

MSM-SM– Scientific Methods
MSM-CA– Current Aspects in Molecular Science
MSM-REP– Repetition and Rehearsal

Mandatory elective modules

MSM-ME1 – Molecular Synthesis
MSM-ME2– Theory
MSM-ME3– Physical Chemistry
MSM-ME4– Molecular Biology
MSM-ME5– Medicinal Chemistry
MSM-ME6– Chemistry of Life

Elective modules (cf. Chemistry)

CE1 – Technical Chemistry
CE2 – Crystallography and Structural Physics
CE2 – Food Chemistry
CE4 – Instrumental Forensic and Bioanalytical Chemistry
CE5 – Semiconductor Technology
CE6 – Nanoelectronics
CE7 – Advanced Electrochemistry
CE8 – Biochemistry
CE9 – Microbiology
CE10 – Chemistry of Life
CE11 – Free Elective Module


Further information can be found in the module guide.