Master’s thesis

The Master’s thesis, worth 30 credit points, is part of the Master’s examination in both Chemistry and Molecular Science.

Students should be able to independently investigate a subject-related problem by applying scientific research methods within a six-month time frame.

To avoid unnecessarily extending the study period, students are advised to decide on a topic for their Master’s thesis in the four weeks following completion of all oral examinations.

Before starting work on their thesis, students are required to submit a registration form to the Student Service Center (SSC).

When submitting their thesis, students are required to provide three identical copies, printed and bound, as well as en electronic version on a USB stick or similar storage device to the Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt). If the thesis is not handed in by the deadline, it will unfortunately be considered rejected and given a mark of 5,0 or “insufficient.”

It may take up to six months to fully process your Master’s thesis.

Tentative Time frame for the Evaluation of the Master’s Thesis

Students must submit their Master’s thesis by the deadline to Mrs. Schmitt in the Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt).

The Examinations Office will notify your thesis supervisor of the date of submission. The thesis will then be evaluated by your supervisor and another examiner.

The Master’s thesis should be evaluated within one month.

If your thesis is not graded within one month, the student has the option of either checking directly with their supervisor or contacting Dr. Ruyter at the Student Service Center (SSC).

Title Page of the Master’s Thesis

The title page must include the title and student’s name, and the second page must include a signed declaration of independent authorship. Please refer to this sample template.

For more detailed information on the legal implications of submitting your Master’s thesis, please see the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnungen)

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