Master’s thesis

The Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) is part of the Master’s examination in Chemistry / Molecular Science.
The students should be able to deal independently with a subject-related problem by applying scientific research methods within a given time frame of 6 months.

The students make sure that they receive a topic for their Master’s thesis within 4 weeks after passing all oral examinations to avoid extension of study period.

Before starting, a registration form must be submitted to the Student-Service-Centre.

You have to submit the Master’s thesis in three identical copies in bound form as well as an electronic version to the Examination’s office. It will be assessed with “insufficient” (5.0) and is considered as rejected if it won’t be handed in due time.

The processing time of the Master’s thesis is six months.

Time frame for the evaluation of the Master’s thesis

The Master’s thesis shall be submitted at the examination office (Prüfungsamt) with Mrs. Schmitt in time.

The examination office notifies the supervisor of the date of submission. The thesis shall be evaluated by the supervisor and another examiner.

The thesis shall be graded within one months.

In case the thesis is not graded within one months the student might check with the supervisor or contact Dr. Ruyter in the Student-Service-Center.

Title page Master’s thesis

The title page shall contain the topic title and the name of the author and the second page shall contain a signed declaration of independent writing (sample template).

Detailed legally binding information see examination regulations.

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