Exams MSc Chemistry

Oral exams

Five oral exams need to be taken

  • CM1-Inorganic chemistry
  • CM2-Organic chemistry
  • CM3-Physical chemistry
  • CME Mandatory elective module
  • CE Elective module (if applicable)

There are two examination periods, at the end of each semester,

middle of February till March

September till middle of October

(July, applies only for exchange students)


All oral exams have to be registered according the deadline using the registration sheet for Master’s examinations, which has to be handed in at the SSC.


Exams for February/March have to be registered latest November 30th.

Exams for September/October have to be registered latest May 31st.

(Exams for July have to be registered latest April 30th)

On the ‘registration form for Master’s exams’  at least two examiners can be suggested for exams in the mandatory elective module and the elective module.

However, it is not guaranteed that your selections will be fulfilled. In principle, all instructors who are listed in the module guide are potential examiners for the respective modules, if necessary further examiners can be added to the list.

For exams in September/October please indicate when you plan to start your Master’s thesis.

The Examination Office (Prüfungsamt) will be informed three weeks before the finalized dates. At this stage, you will be informed about the time, place and members of the evaluation committee; this information will also be available online via “MeinCampus”.

Further comments

Exams for “external” classes which are not taught within the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (DCP) will not be organized by the Study-Service-Center. You will be in charge of organizing such exams. Please inform us when you have organized an “external” exam and to avoid a conflict with exams in DCP.

Specialisation module

The final grade in the specialisation module -CS- is given on the written report.

Master’s thesis