Iris Solymosi, M. Sc.

Master Thesis:

Functionalisation of Perylene Bisimide based Cyclophanes with Fullerene Pentakisadducts (2019)


Research Topic:

Perylene Bisimide based Cyclophanes and their Hybrid Systems with Fullerene Derivatives for Supramolecular Applications



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Conference contributions and awards:
12/2021 Oral contribution “RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Meeting 2021”, Title: Chiral Self-Sorting of Flexible Perylene Bisimide Cyclophanes and their Fullerene Hybrids (delegate pack: page 26)
awarded for the best flash presentation
10/2021 Poster contribution “Supramolecular Chemistry Days for Young Researchers”, Title: Flexible Perylene Bisimide Cyclophane-Fullerene Hybrids with Chiral Self-Sorting (book of abstracts: page 61)
awarded for the best poster presentation
09/2021 Oral contribution “1st Women in Supramolecular Chemistry Workshop”, Title: Perylene Bisimide Cyclophane-Fullerene Hybrids with Homochiral Recognition (book of abstracts: page 31)
10/2019 Poster contribution “5th Erlangen Symposium on Synthetic Carbon Allotropes”, Title: Functionalisation of Perylene Bisimide Cyclophanes with Fullerenes for Supramolecular Applications (book of abstracts: page 99)
07/2019 Poster contribution “18th International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds”, Title: Perylene Bisimide based Cyclophanes (book of abstracts: page 179)
12/2018 Poster contribution “Women in Science – 1st Erlangen Symposium”, Title: Differences of two- and three-membered Perylene Bisimide based Cyclophanes (book of abstracts: page 71)