Group members & Alumni

Post Docs and PhD students

Dr. Andreas Späth
High-resolution x-ray microscopy techniques

X-ray microscopy of natural fibers and hybrid materials

X-ray beam-induced deposition (XBID)

Confocal x-ray microscopy

X-ray laminography

Dr. Xiaoyan Du

Organic electronic devices (OFET, polymer solar cells)

(presently on leave at i-MEET)

Xiaoyan Du








Ph.D. students


Tim Hawly

Film formation at the liquid-liquid interface

Photoswitchable molecules

Manuel Johnson

In-operando microspectroscopy of organic electronic devices (specifically OFETs)

Sabrina Pechmann

Organic molecules on oxide surfaces

Electron spectroscopy, TDS


Norman Anja Schmidt

High-resolution electron spectroscopy of organic molecules,

Molecular magnets

Kim Thomann
Photon-induced nanostructures / nanotemplates /keratin films
Stephan Wenzel

Spatially resolved NEXAFS, organic thin films, polymer films

Master degree students

Fabian Streller
Interface modifications for 2D extended crystalline films (started July, 2019)
Kirill Gubanov
Binary electrodes for all organic batteries (started Nov 1, 2019)

We are offering various topics for Master and Bachelor thesis for highly motivated students. Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail !

Alumni (former PhD student, research assistants)

Prof. Dr. George Tzvetkov (Univ. Sofia, Bulgaria)

Dr. Christian Hub (now at Kurz, Nürnberg)

Dr. Birgit Graf-Zeiler (Erlangen)

Dr. Benedikt Rösner (now at Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland)

Dr. Nina Zeilmann (on parentship leave, teacher at Gymnasium Ebermannstadt)

Dr. Markus Meyer (now at Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland)

Former master degree students

Benedikt Wolz (now at INAM, Forchheim)

Joshua Lorona-Ornelas (now with Leica)

Sonja Semmler (now at Schwan Cosmetics, Heroldsberg)

Daniel Schultheiß

Christopher Jordan