Advanced Lab Course Physical Chemistry

The advanced practical course “Physical Chemistry” takes place at the Chair of Physical Chemistry I, Egerlandstr. 3 in room P0.72 in 91058 Erlangen.


In order to register for one of the advanced practical courses in physical chemistry, certain admission requirements have to be fulfilled, depending on the practical course:

  • For the practical courses “PC Practical Course Spectroscopy and Modern Measurement Methods” [CBV-9 PC 4 – PR] or “PC Practical Course Microscopic Methods” [MSV-15N PC – PR]:
    completed beginner’s practical course
  • For the advanced practical courses (M. Sc.) Advanced Physical Chemistry Lab Course [CCM3-PC C – LAB] / Lab Course Advanced Physical Chemistry [MSM-ME3 A / MSM-ME – LAB]: completed practical course Spectroscopic Techniques / Microscopic Techniques (see above) or completed bachelor’s programme
  • For various other practical courses (e.g. for students of teaching or minor subjects): partly special requirements
  • Proof of valid laboratory insurance (can be taken out online at ). We recommend that you check the conditions of your parents’ private liability insurance. It is possible that your activities in the context of your training are also insured there.

Personal registration takes place in room P 0.72 , ideally at the following times:

Mon. – Thurs.: 9.30 – 11.30 a.m. / 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.
Fr.: 9.30 – 11.30 a.m.

In addition, register for the StudOn course Advanced Practical Courses in Physical Chemistry. There you will receive further information, such as the organisation plan and the experimental instructions.

Carrying out the practical course:

During the practical course, a different number of experiments have to be carried out depending on the subject (see organisation plan). The practical course Spectroscopic Methods (B. Sc. Chemistry) also includes regular participation (incl. lecture) in the “Seminar on the practical course Spectroscopy and Modern Measurement Methods” [CBV-9 PC – SEM] as well as the “Exercise Data Evaluation and Visualisation” [CBV-9 PC – UE]. The practical courses PC practical course Spectroscopy and Modern Measurement Methods [CBV-9 PC 4 – PR] / PC practical course Microscopic Methods [MSV-15N PC – PR] each end with a final colloquium at the head of the practical course (individual appointment by email: The internship must be completed within 6 months.