Bachelor/Master students:

Achim Brunch: – Interplay of crystal growth and surfactant molecules

Constantin Krausse: – Coarse-grained modelling of diapers

PhD students:

Bahanur Becit: – MD simulation of protein self-organization

Hanno Dietrich: – MD simulations of molecule self-organization on surfaces

Andreas Gadelmeier: – Molecular crystal growth and design

Tina Kollmann: – Modelling of composite nucleation and mechanical properties

Stefano Sansotta: – Modelling heterogeneous nucleation

Johannes Traeg: – Reactive molecular dynamics simulations

Markus Walther: – Modelling of aggregation and nucleation processes

Dustin Vivod: – Functional SAMs by design


Patrick Duchstein: – MD simulations of self-organization processes

Philipp Ectors: – Modelling of molecular crystal polymorphism