PD Dr. Harald Lanig

PD Dr. rer. nat. Harald Lanig, Dipl.-Chem.

Executive Secretary

Erlangen National High Performance Computing Center (NHR@FAU)
Administrative Office

Room: Room 2.043 c/o RRZE
Martensstraße 1
91058 Erlangen
About me

I received my Dr. rer. nat. from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg. The German title of my thesis, supervised by Prof. Dr. Friedemann W. Schneider, is “Das intramolekulare Deaktivierungsverhalten elektronisch angeregter Arylverbindungen: Fluoreszenzspektroskopie und semiempirische Modellrechnungen”. After joining the research group of Prof. Dr. Tim Clark at the Computer-Chemie-Centrum of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, I finished my Habilitation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry on “Molecular dynamics simulations to investigate structure and properties of small organic molecules and biopolymers” in 2012. From 11/2013 to 10/2019, I was the Managing Director of the Central Institute for Scientific Computing (ZISC) at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (see the campus map). Then, as ZISC coworker, I was responsible for the Research Data Management within the Collaborative Research Centers CRC 814 (Additive Manufacturing) and CRC 1411 (Design of Particulate Products).

After moving to the University’s new established National Center for High Performance Compting (NHR@FAU), I am holding the position of an Executive Secretary at the NHR@FAU administrative office. Beside administrative tasks, my research activities focus on the application of comparative modelling techniques, molecular dynamics simulations, and protein-ligand docking methods to investigate structure, properties and function of biomolecules and their interactions.

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