The good week continues #2: a further article accepted

Symbolic picture for the article. The link opens the image in a large view.

Massive effort to publish this indepth study on how structure in supraparticles affects catalytic activity. Small just accepted our article after a long way.


Groppe P., Reichstein J., Carl S., Cuadrado Collados C., Niebuur B., Zhang K., Apeleo Zubiri B., Libuda J. Kraus K. Retzer T. Thommes M., Spiecker E., Wintzheimer S., Mandel K.,
Catalyst Supraparticles: Tuning the Structure of Spray-dried Pt/SiO2 Supraparticles via Salt-based Colloidal Manipulation to Control their Catalytic Performance
In: Small (2024), just accepted