Research and Topics

Research Interests:

  • Inorganic and Organic Synthesis, Catalysis and Spectroscopy of Reactive Intermediates

Multiple bonded, d8 configured terminal transition metal complexes are commonly believed to be too reactive to be isolable. Recently, we could show that these fleeting intermediates are indeed isolable and hold huge promise as a new concept for catalysis:

But why are those reactive intermediates so crucial for energy conversion, pollutant removal and the generation of valuable resources? See a highlight by ChemistryViews or the following highlight, which is directed at a general audience:

  • Applied Computational Chemistry

We strive to control our synthetic efforts through computational design. You want to know how to tame elusive palladium terminal oxos? Then read our following manuscript:

  • Organometallic Chemistry, Carbenes

Carbenes or more generally C-donor ligands are an exciting class of compounds with uncountable applications in coordination chemistry, catalysis, material science, switches, photochemistry… There are no borders for your imagination and creativity. For our recent tutorial, see:

  • Sustainable and Green Chemistry, Oxidation Chemistry

Molecular oxygen is an ideal reagent for sustainable and green oxidation chemistry. However, efficient catalytic protocols for hydrocarbons remain scarce…

  • Organic Radicals, Photo- and Electrochemistry

Organic radicals promise a huge step forward for application in organic electronics, OLEDs or solar cells. Current research efforts are inspired by our computational predictions (top) and previous synthetic work (bottom):