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Open Positions
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We are always looking for dedicated students who would like to do a BSc or MSc thesis or work as an intern. PhD positions are available occasionally as well.

For detailed information on our topics of research please visit the Research focus or Publications section on our website.

Interested? Please contact: or


Current small research projects:

Ideal projects for lab course projects / F-Praktika include, but are not limited to:

  • Helping to establish a magnetic barcode particle, which acts as a marker in arbitrary objects.
    Interested? Please contact Stephan Müssig.
  • Development of optical barcode supraparticles by combining different luminescent nanoparticles.
    Interested? Please contact Franziska Miller.
  • Developing a wide range luminescent temperature indicator particle – indicating temperature by colour
    Interested? Please contact Jakob Reichstein.
  • Pioneering in the field of magnetic temperature indicator particles
    Interested? Please contact Jakob Reichstein.
  • Synthesis and characterization of luminescent and / or magnetic nanoparticles
    Interested? Please contact  Dr. Susanne Wintzheimer .

Besides these topics, new ones emerge nearly every week. We would be delighted if you are interested.
Please just write a short email to so that we can discuss details of what you are interested in. Looking forward to welcoming YOU in our group!



The Particle Technology Group at Fraunhofer ISC:

Please, also have a look at the interesting research of the Fraunhofer part of our group in Würzburg.

Interested? Please contact Karl Mandel directly: