CV Maier

Logo Researcher ID Researcher ID: M-4501-2013 ORCID: 0000-0001-9725-8961
16.01.1969 born in Passau
1975 – 1988 secondary school in Untergriesbach baccalaureate: 9.6.1988
1990 – 1992 basic studies of physics at the university Julius-Maximiliam (Würzburg) Vordiplom (intermediate diploma) in physics: 29.6.1992
1992 – 1993 studies “Maitrise de physique” (4th year) at the university Joseph-Fourier (Grenoble, France)
summer 1993 four months research practical at the European Synchrotron Radiadion Facility ESRF (Grenoble) in the group of Dr. C. Vettier project thesis: “Magnetic X-Ray Scattering on Ho-Tb-Alloys”
1993 – 1996 final studies of physics at the university of Würzburg Hauptdiplom Physik (diploma in physics): 2.7.1996 diploma thesis: “Entwicklung einer einfachen Helium-Streueinheit zur Oberflächencharakterisierung – Aufbau und erste Untersuchungen an einer Ru(001) Oberfläche” (Development of a simple helium scattering unit for surface characterization – First investigations on Ru(001) ) in the group of Prof. H.-P. Steinrück at the institute Exp. Phys. II (Chair: Prof. E. Umbach) in Würzburg
1996 – 2001 PhD-studies in the group of Prof. L. Ley at the institute Techn. Phys. II at the university Friedrich-Alexander (Erlangen-Nürnberg) PhD rer. nat. (physics): 27.7.2001 (magna cum laude) PhD thesis: “Electronic properties of diamond interfaces” (Pdf-format, 9 MB)
since 1.10.2001 assistant lecturer and scientist in the group of Prof. Dr. H.-P. Steinrück at the institute Phys. Chem. II of the university Friedrich-Alexander (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
since 2005 group leader “Surface and Interface Science of Ionic Liquids”