Our research efforts are directed towards the design of novel chiral organometallic transition metal complexes, which serve as catalysts for the asymmetric synthesis of optically active organic molecules.

Chiral Diarylamido (SO)-N-(SO) Sulfoxide Pincer Ligands

Only recently S-stereogenic sulfoxides have emerged as a versatile and encouraging novel class of ligands. Besides the proximity of the chiral information, located at the sulfur atom, to a ligated metal and thus to the reaction center, sulfoxides may switch between S and O coordination and bind to “hard” and “soft” metals, respectively. Combination of these attractive features of sulfoxides with the rigid, C2-symmetric, T-shaped configuration of a pincer scaffold leads to a promising ligand system for asymmetric catalysis.
Chiral (SO)–N–(SO) Sulfoxide Pincer Complexes of Mg, Rh, and Ir: N–H Activation and Selective Sulfoxide Reduction upon Ligand Coordination

C2-Symmetric (SO)N(SO) Sulfoxide Pincer Complexes of Mg and Pd: Helicity Switch by Ambidentate S/O-Coordination and Isolation of a Chiral Pd-Sulfenate