Good things come in pairs: Another article accepted!

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In a new article, we present the latest advances in our H2 indicator supraparticles technology. We demonstrate that their scalable, toolbox-like manufacturing via spray drying provides multiple options to customize their composition, structure, and texture for improving their detection performance. The resulting H2 indicator supraparticles stand out with pronounced eye-readable and readily tunable color change reactions, as well as response times in the seconds´ range. In addition, the supraparticles can be flexibly applied as a safety additive, for instance, in pipeline coatings or clothing.


Reichstein J., Groppe P., Stockinger N., Cuadrado Collados C., Thommes M., Wintzheimer S., Mandel K.
Safety Through Visibility: Tracing Hydrogen in Colors with Highly Customizable and Flexibly Applicable Supraparticle Additives
In: Advanced Materials Technologies (2024), just accepted