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The confined space within micrometer-sized, multi-hierarchical hybrid organic-inorganic supraparticles provides an attractive microenvironment to achieve functional material properties via the synergistic interplay of nanoparticles and molecules. We just got an article accepted, in which we demonstrate that the programmable, temperature-induced modulation of the microenvironment of coumarin dyes within multi-hierarchical supraparticles yields versatile, eye-readable, customizable luminescent dual-threshold temperature indicator additives with a broad working range from 60-200 °C.

Reichstein J., Luthardt L., Martello V.G., Pianetti A., Wintzheimer S., Mandel K.
Modulating the Microenvironment of Coumarin Dyes within Multihierarchical Supraparticles: En Route Toward Versatile Luminescent Dual-Threshold Temperature Indicators with Ratiometric Readout
In: Advanced  Optical Materials (2024)