Susanne Wintzheimer

Dr. Susanne Wintzheimer

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Professorship for Inorganic Chemistry (Prof. Dr. Mandel)

Room: Room A 2.20
Egerlandstraße 1
91058 Erlangen


Susanne Wintzheimer obtained the MSc in Technology of Functional Materials from the University of Würzburg in 2013. She studied synthesis and dendritic surface modification of photocatalytic nanoparticles for tumour therapy at the University of Bordeaux (France) and obtained her PhD degree (in Organic Chemistry) in October 2017. After having worked in the Particle Technology Group at Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research Würzburg, she joined the Supraparticles Group as postdoctoral fellow and group manager in July 2018. She currently is a scholarship holder (2020 – ) of the Christiane-Nüsslein-Volhard foundation and leads the Experiment! project: “Dust-catching coatings fighting against particulate pollution”, funded by VolkswagenStiftung (2020 – ), as well as the project “Creation of Janus particles via spray-drying”, supported by Max Buchner Research Foundation (2020 – ).
Based on the assembly of nanoparticles, Susanne Wintzheimer not only works on the development of supraparticles for tracking and tracing of objects and as adsorbers for sensing applications but also on the creation of interactive surfaces such as dust-catching coatings. Due to her scientific background, she is especially interested in the combination of organic molecules and inorganic nanoparticles within supraparticles.