Mack, Elena

Elena Mack

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Chair of Physical Chemistry I (Prof. Dr. Guldi)

Room: Room U 1.021
Egerlandstr. 3A
91058 Erlangen

Elena Mack is pursuing her PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Dirk Guldi at FAU and co-supervision of Prof. Stefan Kaskel at TUD within the RTG 2861 “Planar Carbon Lattices”. The goal of her project is to demonstrate how a number of revolutionary steps in the areas of TGNRs close the gap in our understanding of charge trapping, charge transport next to excitons, charged excitons, defect-bound localized excitons, biexcitons, etc. An important objective will be to establish a correlation between the possible hybridization of excitonic states and environment by, for example, differentiating between the optical response of monolayers versus naturally or artificially stacked (multi)layers. Likewise, the nature, position, and density of local defects, the charge population will be probed among others. All of the aforementioned will, in concert, enable handling PCLs and engineering thereof with respect to fine-tuning their optoelectronic properties.

Currently she is the coordinator of the Women in Science Erlangen – Symposium as well as member of the SolTech Student Board.

Elena received her degree in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.