Geoffrey Lee

Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Lee

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Profess of Pharmaceutics

Room: Room 0.621
Cauerstraße 4, House 6
91058 Erlangen

Well, I have been in quite a few places and travelled around a lot. Science certainly has offered me that, but the rest of life is more important than any career. ‘Travelling broadens the mind’, but only if one travels with eyes open. I think most people don’t do this, and it takes an unusual person to see and appreciate the world as it really is. Isn’t life strange ? ‘Fate is odd’ wrote PG Wodehouse. Anyway, I suppose that the following places where I have been are relevant for this homepage:

Pharmacy, London University, 1975, then after the pre-reg year in Worthing, Sussex (hospital & industry) a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, Supervisor: Dr. Th F Tadros, London University, 1980.

Off to California ! My life ! Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Prof. J, Swarbrick, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1980-1982. What a time.

Driving my car from LA to the East Coast all the way across the US. Desert (wonderful Arizona!), mountains, flats, Texas (dreadful place!), New Orleans with vampires. up the coast to Chapel Hill (very nice memories of this place under the Carolina blue sky). Visiting Instructor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1982-1983.

Off to Germany for the first time and landed very luckily in the beautiful town of Regensburg. The BRD was in many ways quite a different place then, as I saw from my viewpoint as an inquisitive, observant Ausländer. von Humboldt Fellow, University of Regensburg, 1983-1984.

Back to the US, but not really too happy about it. Assistant Prof of Pharmaceutics, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1984-1986. Lots of struggles and uncertainties, but then the position as Associate Prof, Heidelberg University, 1986-1993 ! And finaly down to Bayern — sorry Franken — to take over the Chair of Pharmaceutics, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, 1993.