MRIC Conference 2013 – REDOX MODULATION OF HEALTH AND DISEASE: From Inorganic Chemistry to Translational Medicine

Welcome to the MRIC Conference 20 – 22 July, 2013

This unique international conference provides the interdisciplinary platform for

Inorganic Chemists, Biochemists, Physical Chemists, Physiologists, Immunologists, Infectious Disease Researchers and Medical/Clinical Experts

To discuss and learn about the newest developments and application of redox-active inorganic species (metal- and nonmetal-based) as diagnostic tools, adjuvants or therapeutics and their general role in health and disease.

This conference organized by Emerging Field Project “Medicinal Redox Inorganic Chemistry” (MRIC) supported by the “Emerging Fields Initiative” (EFI) of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, has a goal…

  • to increase the impact of (bio)inorganic chemistry research on health and medical sector
  • to establish strong interactions between world leading inorganic chemists and biomedical researchers
  • to educate new generations of chemists, pharmacists and medical experts to integrate principles of inorganic chemistry into the design of diagnostic tools and therapeutics.

In the era of increased challenges in health care (ageing populations, chronic disease, spiraling costs, etc.) we urgently need to seriously consider innovative alternatives offered by the redox-active inorganic compounds and to substantially diversify the field of medicinal inorganic chemistry setting the stage for visionary approaches in biotechnology and healthcare development.

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