Steady State Spectroscopy

UV/VIS/NIR absorption spectrocopy Lambda 2 (Perkin Elmer), Lambda 35 (Perkin Elmer), Specord S600 (Analytik Jena), Cary 5000 with diffuse reflectance accessory (Varian)
UV/VIS/NIR emission spectroscopy Fluoromax 3 (Jobin Yvon), Fluoromax 3P (Jobin Yvon), Fluorolog 3 (Jobin Yvon) with Quanta Phi integrating sphere and UV/VIS/NIR detection
FT-IR spectroscopy Prestige 21 with ATR unit (Shimadzu), RFS 100/S with microscope accessory (Bruker)


Time Resolved Spectroscopy

Time resolved transient absorption spectroscopy Nanosecond timescale: Brilliant 10 Hz laser incl. SHG, THG, FHG and OPO (Quantel) and storage oscilloscope (Le Croy)

Picosecond / nanosecond timescale: EOS (Ultrafast Systems), femtosecond timescale: Helios (Ultrafast Systems), excitation sources: CPA-2101 pump laser incl. STORC and NOPA Plus (Clark-MXR, HORIBA), CPA-2110 pump laser (Clark-MXR, HORIBA) with SHG and NOPA

Time resolved emission spectroscopy Time correlated single photon counting option for Fluorolog 3 (Jobin Yvon) with SuperK Extreme EXB-6 Super Continuum Laser

Fluorescence up conversion, femtosecond time scale (Halycone, Ultrafast Systems)


Potentiostat PGSTAT101 (Metrohm), µAutolab with impedance unit (Metrohm), Autolab
Spectroelectrochemistry Setup (Mountain Photonics)


Raman microscope Alpha R, excitation wavelength: 457 nm, 532 nm, 633 nm) with EMCCD camera (Witec)
Transmission electron microscope EM 912 (Zeiss)
Atomic force microscope

Other Equipment

 Gas chromatography Gas chromatograph (Bruker)
Spectroscopic ellipsometer UVISEL LT (Jobin Yvon)
Electromagnet EM4-HVA (Cryophysics GmbH)
Cryostat Optistat DN (Oxford Instruments)
Glovebox GP Concept (Jacomex), PL-HE-4GB-2500 (Innovative Technology) with thin film depostion system (Inficon)
Plasma equipment Zepto (Diener Scientific)
Profilometer DEKTAK XT (Bruker)
Spin Coater Model WS-650Mz-23NPP (Laurell)
Blade coating machinery ZAA 2300 (Zehtner)
Solar simulator Newport
Source meter 2400 Newport
Furnace Nabertherm
UVO-Cleaner 42-220