Jan Westhoff visits the Quantum and Nanotechnology Research Centre (NINT) at the National Research Council Canada in Edmonton, Alberta for three months as a member of the CRC PolyTarget (www.polytarget.de) to strengthen our collaboration in the field of polymer nanoparticles.

We support the DCP Woman in Science Symposium  (About - Women in Science (fau.eu)) from 22 to 24 July 2024 at the FAU! Gesa Waßmuth will present her latest research in the TEL-Drug Delivery project (TEL-Drug Delivery Project - Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (fau.eu)).  Prof. Fischer will ta...

Congratulations to Ula Savsek! She sucessfully defended her PhD thesis entitled „ Formulation and Characterization of Polymer nanoparticles for Ultrasound-induced Drug Release“.  

The FAU welcomes the project partners of the CRC PolyTarget for the PhD student meeting at 24 May 2024 in Erlangen for the exchange of actual data, discussion about the sustainability in pharmaceutical formulations and the „Berch experience“.

Im Rahmen der Vorlesung zur Pharmazeutischen Technologie besuchten Pharmazie-Studierende Roche in Penzberg bei München. Herzlicher Dank an Roche und die Organisatoren! Weiterführende Informationen: Pharmazeutische Zeitung 11.4.2024, 15. Ausgabe, 169 Jhg., 1005  

The CAM scientific network (CAM SciNet) was founded in Erlangen on 7th February 2024 and marks a significant milestone for acceptance, standardization, and applicability of the CAM model as an alternative in vivo system. See below the group of experts who are founder members: Regine Schneider-S...