New article accepted

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The development of so-called suprabeads, i.e. supraparticles supported on beads, successfully demonstrated by us for supported catalytically active liquid metal solution catalysis.
This great collaborative work with colleagues from the engineering department and the CRC CLINT was just accepted in Materials Horizons.

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Thomas Zimmermann, Nnamdi Madubuko, Philipp Groppe, Theodor Raczka, Nils Dünninger, Nicola Taccardi, Simon Carl, Benjamin Apeleo Zubiri, Erdmann Spiecker, Peter Wasserscheid, Karl Mandel, Marco Haumann,* Susanne Wintzheimer*
Supraparticles on beads for supported catalytically active liquid metal solutions – the SCALMS suprabead concept
Materials Horizons (2023), just accepted