Talks Talks Talks

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The Supraparticle group has had a busy spring season in terms of conferences and talks.
Just to name a few:

Susanne Wintzheimer reported about SUPRABEADS for Catalysis at the 16th International Conference on Materials Chemistry in Dublin and on the 12th International Colloids Conference in Palma.

Jakob Reichstein gave a talk at his old school in Bayreuth and advertised the importance of scientific research, nano chemistry in particular, to tackle sustainability challenges.

Andres Wolf was invited to the HYDRA International Workshop on lithium-ion batteries in Trondheim to talk about the role of Supraparticles in direct battery recycling.

And Stephan Müssig presented his work on Supraparticles as identifiers or temperature indicators with spectral magnetic readout at the 18th European Conference on Solid State Chemistry in Prague.