Inspiring young female researchers for science

The photo shows a seminar room in the Chemikum. Various high tables with white and blue covers are set up, at which female students are standing and listening with interest. In the foreground, Prof. Young stands with her back to the photographer and talks about her academic career. All are casually dressed in jeans, sweaters, etc., a few of the female students are wearing mouth-nose protection and have bottles of drink in front of them.
Image: Sabrina Gensberger-Reigl / FAU

At the beginning of November, 2022, Prof. Elizabeth R. Young from Lehigh University Pennsylvania, USA, was a guest at FAU’s Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy. She accepted the invitation of the Women’s Representative Dr. Sabrina Gensberger-Reigl.

Prof. Young first gave a talk on “Photo-induced Charge Transfer Dynamics in Thin Films of Light Harvesting Sb2S3. Her research efforts focus on understanding excited-state charge transfer processes for a range of applications, including excited-state proton-coupled electron transfer reactions in model system and photo-induced charge transfer in materials of interest for next generation photovoltaic devices.

Following the scientific talk, participants engaged in a casual discussion about the challenges of running a science business and balancing family and career. Prof. Young openly shared her personal experiences as a mother of three and a scientist. She also gave the young female scientists some career tips.

The event was part of the target agreements for increasing the proportion of women in science between FAU and the Faculty of Natural Sciences.


Dr. rer. nat. Sabrina Gensberger-Reigl

Akad. Oberrätin

Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Chair of Food Chemistry / Henriette Schmidt Burkhardt (Prof. Dr. Pischetsrieder)