Prof. Dr. Dirk M. Guldi elected to the European Academy of Sciences

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Dirk M. Guldi
Prof. Dr. Dirk M. Guldi (Photo: FAU / Erich Malter)

Prof. Dr. Dirk M. Guldi, Chair of Physical Chemistry I, has been elected to the European Academy of Sciences. EURASC is an independent international organisation of renowned scientists who conduct cutting-edge research and promote the development of advanced technologies, particularly with regard to their role in social and economic developments.

Prof. Dr. Guldi is one of the most frequently cited chemists worldwide. In 2004, after almost 10 years at the Radiation Laboratory of the University of Notre Dame / USA, he accepted the offer of the W3-Professorship for Physical Chemistry I at FAU.

The Guldi lab and its network are among the leaders in worldwide research on solar energy conversion and have experience not only in “advanced photon and charge management”, but also in the synthesis of tailor-made materials and molecular modelling.