FAU chemists publish the first book on catalysis with sustainable metals

Prof. Harder shows his new book Early Main Gruop Metal Catalysis
Image: FAU

Catalysis is world-wide a multi-billion-dollar research field. FAU researchers have now published the very first book on catalysis with cheap, non-toxic, s-block metals. Metals like magnesium or calcium can in some cases replace toxic precious metals like palladium or platin. The book launched by Wiley-VCH, a leading science publisher, has been edited by FAU researcher Prof. Dr. Sjoerd Harder whose group also contributed 5 out of 13 chapters. Prof. Harder comments:

I am particularly happy about this book because it shows that the field is mature. The developments are, however, so rapid that some chapters are unfortunately already outdated. Especially those on (de)hydrogenation catalysis which is a major research topic in our group. Nevertheless, the book will be an important guideline to the future of green and sustainable catalysts.”

Further information

Harder, Sjoerd (ed.): Early Main Group Metal Catalysis, ISBN: 978-3527344482, available as print or online publication. It can also be borrowed from FAU’s University Library.