MSc Chemistry / MSc Molecular Science (study start till SS20)

MSc. Chemistry / MSc. Molecular Science

These information are for students only who have begun their studies by summer semester 2020 at the latest.

The advanced Master’s program in Chemistry consists of several individual modules as follows…

  • three mandatory modules
    • inorganic chemistry
    • organic chemistry
    • physical chemistry
  • one mandatory elective module
  • one elective module, and
  • one specialization module

In the mandatory elective module, students can choose from among numerous subjects that reflect various fields of research in chemistry, such as…

  • theoretical chemistry
  • catalysis
  • bio(in)organic chemistry
  • interfaces, and
  • materials

In the elective module, students are encouraged to choose courses according to their own preferences, including those of other departments and faculties. Courses in foreign languages, law, and business studies have been the most popular among our students in recent years.


The interdisciplinary Master’s program in Molecular Science offers students the opportunity to specialize in one of two exciting fields:

  •  Molecular Life Science focuses on drug discovery and medicinal chemistry, and
  • Molecular Nanoscience focuses on materials chemistry and devices.

In addition to the mandatory specialization module, students can choose from a broad range of courses offered at the Departments of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Biology, and Materials Science, whether for the compulsory or the optional elective modules.


In both programs, a six-month Master’s thesis gives the students a chance to develop a deeper understanding in a specific scientific topic of their choosing.


For Molecular Life Science, students are strongly recommended to begin their studies in the Winter Semester. This allows for the best range of options for a strong start in your studies.