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Teaching in winter semester 2020/21

On the basis of the guidelines from the Ministry, the University has decided that the winter semester 2020/21 will generally be held with a demand-oriented mix of a high proportion of online teaching and individual classroom courses (so-called “hybrid semester”). This means that, depending on demand, attendance courses can be offered again to supplement online teaching, as long as the legal situation and infection prevention allow it and attendance courses can be organized. It must be ensured that all courses of study can be studied.

If attendance courses are not possible and permissible, sufficient online offers must be made available. If possible, these should also be offered asynchronously in order to give students more flexibility in designing hybrid curricula. Student support and opportunities for questions must be guaranteed for online courses, especially for lecture recordings.

Whether attendance offerings can be planned and to whom they are addressed is decided by the faculties with the deans of studies or the study programs with special regard to first-year students, students who are abroad and other groups that may need to be prioritized under the requirement of studyability.

Information of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy

From now on, masks must be worn at all times throughout FAU whenever there is more than one person in a room. This means that until further notice masks must be worn the whole time during face-to-face teaching sessions, even after reaching your seat, and even if you are still able to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

Masks must also be worn in offices whenever there is more than one person in the room.

Masks are also required in the libraries, even when sitting at a desk.

Until further notice, masks must also be worn the entire time during examinations. If you are unable to wear a mask during an examination for medical reasons, you must clarify this in advance with the person responsible for organising the examination.

Like in the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg, you must also wear a mask outside on university grounds. This is especially important wherever a lot of people tend to gather. The only place which is exempt at the moment is the Schlossgarten.

You must strictly observe all hygiene rules whenever you are in any FAU building. We would ask you to hold any meetings which do not urgently have to be held in person online instead.

For academic events, the organisers will decide whether they can be held face-to-face or not on the basis of the hygiene regulations. Occupational Safety is happy to advise and give recommendations based on the current situation and rate of infection.

We will of course keep you updated and let you know as soon as there is any change to the situation. We would ask you, however, to keep yourself up to date by checking the information available on FAU’s website

We update the website regularly with the latest information to keep you up to date in spite of the currently very dynamic situation. The only time updates may be slightly delayed is if information from the authorities first has to be adjusted to the context of the university.

Currently, all buildings of the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy can still be entered with permission for study, work and research purposes as long as the hygiene guidelines are observed. If this should change, you will be informed.

The Department has created an information page on the topics of building access, teleworking and online teaching, which is primarily aimed at employees.

Chemistry / Molecular Science

Despite COVID-19, the SSC Chemistry/Molecular Science is currently available during normal opening hours by e-mail and again by phone:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 14:00 o’clock under Tel.: 09131 85 – 67480 or – 67475

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer personal consultations on site.

Food chemistry / Pharmacy

Despite the current situation caused by COVID-19, the study coordinator Dr. Stefanie Karosi can be reached by e-mail or phone during the usual opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 12:00 o’clock under Tel: 09131 85 – 65596

Subject to the final decree of the Ministry of Science, all courses of study at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (Chemistry, Molecular Science, Food Chemistry, Pharmacy and Teaching Chemistry) will start regularly on November 2, 2020 with lectures in the winter semester 2020/2021.

Lectures in the winter semester 2020/21 end at FAU (also subject to ministerial decree) on February 12, 2021.

All information about the semester dates is always available on the semester dates website.

With the entry into force of the amendment to the BayHSchG on August 1, 2020, the following applies retroactively to April 20, 2020, with regard to the regulations on standard period of study and study deadlines:

The summer semester 2020 does not count as a semester of study with regard to the regular study dates and deadlines laid down in the examination regulations relevant to study programs (new Art. 99 Para. 1 BayHSchG). This means that the summer semester 2020 is not taken into account when calculating the expiration of the regular dates and deadlines; students will automatically receive an extension of the deadlines.

At FAU, the study deadlines (for the provision of the GOP or the completion of the Bachelor’s/Master’s program), which would have expired or would expire on March 31, 2020 or September 30, 2020, were already extended at the beginning of the corona crisis until the end of the winter semester 2020/2021. A separate application was or is not necessary (with the exception of state examination programs).

This means that you do not have to make sure that you meet the existing deadlines regarding the GOP and Bachelor’s/Master’s degree until the summer semester 2021. You will be informed by the Examination Office if a deadline is exceeded and you will be given the opportunity to submit a corresponding application.

The general standard period of study itself remains unaffected by the above-mentioned regulations. For Bachelor’s degree programs, this is usually six semesters, for Master’s degree programs usually four semesters.

However, unless the student has already received an extension of the deadline according to the regulation in Art. 99 para. 1 BayHSchG (see above), his or her individual standard period of study will be extended by one semester if he or she is/was enrolled in the summer semester 2020 (new Art. 99 para. 2 BayHSchG). This happens automatically, i.e. applications are not necessary.

Further information can be found on the website of the examination office.

The FAU has published a statute on the deviation of regulations in the study and examination as well as doctoral and post-doctoral regulations due to restrictions in teaching and examination operations caused by the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (“Corona Statute”). These are currently being adapted on the basis of the experience gained during the summer semester and in consultation with faculties, student representatives and the management committee of the Graduate Center and will be published following the adoption of the amending statutes.

Please also note the information that is regularly updated on the website of the examination office.

The courses offered in the English-language Master’s programs are available in online format to enable international students who are not in Germany or at their place of study to study at FAU. Due to the general corona situation and further developments, it is not expected that international Master students will be on site at the beginning of lectures. Please also note the FAU’s guidelines for entering Germany from risk areas (see next point!).

For international students in other courses of study the general regulations for WS 20/21 (see above) apply.

In this PDF (status: September 2020) you will find important FAU entry instructions for all those coming from a risk area: Regulations for entry from risk areas (German/English)

In this PDF you will find instructions how to act in case of suspicion of COVID-19: Instruction of conduct (German/English)

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On the website we collect all information and offers for first semester students with a special focus on the Corona situation – from digital tours and information events to online seminars for a successful start of studies.

Learning opportunities for online teaching

Since the time when studies had to be converted to digital teaching methods, learning has also changed considerably. To make sure that no one feels left alone, the student center, the Learning Lab, offers numerous help services. The website provides information about support options, learning tips, exchange offers, training courses, etc.

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The Office for Gender and Diversity has also compiled a collection of support services and further links, e.g. to financing opportunities or psychological counseling centers:


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The Unibibliothek and some sub-libraries have been open again since April 20, 2020, with certain restrictions on lending and returns. More detailed information can be found on the website of the Unibibliothek:

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