Modules MSc Molecular Science

The master programme is constructed in separate modules. It includes one mandatory module (30 credit points) which can be molecular nanoscience or drug discovery, one mandatory elective module (15 credit points), one elective module (15 credit points). Three small modules (10 credit points each), scientific methods, repetition and current aspects in molecular science prepare for the final exams in the main modules and for the master’s thesis (30 credit points).
All modules add up to 120 credit points.

As mandatory elective module one out of six (MSM-ME) has to be chosen. The elective module can be either a second mandatory elective module, one of the elective module (MSM-E) of the M.Sc. programme in Chemistry, or a free choice of courses offered at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, while one third of the courses might be key qualifications.

The selection of modules has to be done at the beginning of your studies and registered on StudON.

The master’s thesis finalizes the scientific education of the MSc programme. The student should proof his/her ability to solve a scientific problem independently under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

Credits Semester
MSM-nano Molecular nanoscience (mandatory module) 30 1-2
MSM-life Drug discovery (mandatory module) 30 1-2
MSM-ME Mandatory elective module 15 1-3
MSM-E Elective module 15 (1) 2-3
MSM-SM Scientific methods 10 1-4
MSM-CA Current aspects 10 1-4
MSM-REP Repetition and rehersal 10 2-3
MSM-MT Master’s thesis (6 months) 30 4
Total 120 4

Further details on the modules can be found in the module guide MSc Molecular Science.