Modules MSc Chemistry

The Master’s program consists of separate modules. It includes…

  • three mandatory modules of 15 credit points each in…
    • inorganic chemistry
    • organic chemistry, and
    • physical chemistry
  • one mandatory elective module of 15 credit points
  • one elective module of 15 credit points
  • one specialization module of 15 credit points, and
  • the Master’s thesis, which is worth 30 credit points.

Together, all modules add up to 120 credit points.

One of five subjects must be chosen for the mandatory elective module (CME).

The elective module (CE) can be chosen from any subject, and it is also possible to choose another CME topic for this purpose.

The specialization module can be chosen in one of the following subjects:

  • inorganic chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • physical chemistry, or
  • theoretical chemistry

The selection of modules must be done at the beginning of your studies and registered via StudON.

The Master’s thesis finalizes the scientific education of the Master’s program. Students should take this opportunity to prove their abilities in independently solving a specific scientific problem under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

Credits Semester
CM1-IC Mandatory Module: Inorganic Chemistry 15 1-2
CM2-OC Mandatory Module: Organic Chemistry 15 1-2
CM3-PC Mandatory Module: Physical Chemistry 15 1-2
CME Mandatory Elective Module 15 1-2 (2-3)
CE Elective Module 15 (1) 2-3
CS Specialization Module 15 3 (2)
CMT Master’s Thesis (6 months) 30 4
Total 120 4


Further details can be found in the MSc. Chemistry module guide.