Application and enrolment


The successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject is required for admission to both Master’s degree programs, Chemistry and Molecular Science. Since these programs build upon the basic concepts generally learned in a Bachelor’s program, the required first degree must be closely related. Most successful applicants hold a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry or something similar.


Applications for the Master’s degree programs are processed by the Master’s Office.

The first step is to apply via the online portal “campo.” After that, send all required documents to the Master’s Office by post.

Further information on the international Master’s degree programs and their application processes are available at the following links…

Application and enrollment

International Master’s degree programs


The biannual application deadlines are…

  • July 15 for the upcoming Winter Semester
  • January 15 for the upcoming Summer Semester

International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply earlier, namely…

  • May 31 for the upcoming Winter Semester
  • December 15 for the upcoming Summer Semester

FAQ – Master’s application

These dates are recommendations based on prior experience with postage delays and visa-related issues. In order to be considered, all applications must be fully and completely submitted by the hard deadlines listed above: July 15 / January 15.

Campo usually opens in December for summer-semester applications, and in spring for winter-semester applications. Please check or contact for further information.

We recommend arriving in Erlangen one or two weeks before the start of the lecture period. The Winter Semester generally starts in mid-October and the Summer Semester in mid-April, but please check the FAU homepage for exact dates.


You need to be here on the first day of the lecture period, which is always a Monday. We host an information session on the first day, and many lab courses and special sessions are organized on the first day of the term, so it is important to be here in person.

Yes, you may apply with your transcript before holding your degree certificate. If admitted into a Master’s program, we ask that you submit your degree certificate as soon as it is available.

Not necessarily. Applications are usually rejected if the Bachelor of Science does not meet one or more program requirements, such as the final grade, necessary coursework (lab courses, lectures, …), etc.


Bachelor of Science degrees in topics without a sufficient concentration of chemistry courses usually do not qualify for admission; examples include degrees in engineering, biotechnology, biology, microbiology, pharmacy, teaching, and general science.

Applicants need a Bachelor’s grade of 2.5 or better according to the German grading system.

Every application we receive must be reviewed in detail, and the time this takes varies depending on documents, previous academic institutions, Bachelor’s programs, and many other factors; for some applications, assessment is relatively easy, whereas others are more complex and require more time to process.


Please refrain from inquiring as to the status of your application. All information that we can provide is available via campo, and we are not able to assist you any further. Moreover, reading through numerous emails and giving each person an informed answer takes up valuable time which we could otherwise use to process our many applications. In addition to your application, thousands more are sent to the FAU each term! We know that waiting for a response can be stressful, and we ask for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Unfortunately, no. Once your application is processed, you will get a letter of either admission or rejection.

Level B2 (as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference) is required to study in our international Master’s degree programs.


Please send your test results along with your other required documents in the post after submitting your electronic application via campo.

Native speakers of English do not need to provide proof of English-language proficiency. All other applicants need to provide proof of their English-language proficiency by submitting their test results (Level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS).