Application and enrolment


The requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme Chemistry or Molecular Science is a good Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject. As the Master’s degree programmes Chemistry and Molecular Science are consecutive Master’s degrees, the content of the required first degree must be closely related. Successful applicants are holding a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry or a strongly related subject.


Applications for the Master’s degree programmes are processed by the Master’s Office.

The first stage of the application must be submitted via the online portal ‘campo’, following the online application, all required documents must be sent to the Master’s Office by post.

Further information on the application process and the international Master’s degree programmes are provided on the website of the FAU.

application and enrolment

international Master’s degree programmes


Application deadlines are

  • 15th July for the upcoming winter semester
  • 15th January for the upcoming summer semester

International applicants should, if possible, apply by 31st May for the upcoming winter semester / by 15th December for the upcoming summer semester.

FAQ – Master’s application

The dates are recommendations, as we know that visa processes need some time as well, the deadlines are the 15th of July /15th of January. All applications have to be fully submitted by the application deadline.

Please check directly on or contact!

Usually campo opens in December for summer intake and in January for winter intake, please check with for further details.

We recommend to arrive in Erlangen 1 to 2 weeks before lectures start – usually middle of October or middle of April, pls check the semester dates!

You need to be here first day of the lecture period (always a Monday: usually middle of April for summer intake and middle of October for winter intake, please check for the specific date of your term!) as we give an Information session on the first day. In the first week many lab courses and special sessions are organized, so it is essential to be here in person!!

Yes, you may apply with your transcript before holding your certificate of graduation. In case of admission we will ask you to provide the certificate of graduation at a later stage.

Usually applications get rejected when the BSc degree does not meet the requirements: grade, knowledge in chemistry courses (lab courses, lectures, …).

BSc degrees e.g. in Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Teaching, General Science usually do not have sufficient chemistry courses to get an admission.

Every application is checked in detail, depending on the documents, university, BSc programme, … for some the assessment is easier, for some more complex resulting in a longer processing time.

Please refrain from sending enquiring mails regarding the status of your application. All informations are provided on campo, we do have no further information. Answering further mails enquiring about the status of an application needs valuable time, we prefer to spend in processing the applications – please note, we do not only get your application but at the FAU thousands of applications each term!!

Sorry, we cannot issue pre-admission letters. Once the application is checked you either get an admission letter or a rejection letter.

Level B2 (GER) is required

The result has to be send in along with the required documents in hard copy.

Native speakers, do not need to send in a language certificate, all other applicants need to proof their English knowlege with a respective test result (level GER B2, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS).