FAU closure, Home office, E-Learning at the DCP

What to do now?
FAU closure, Home Office, E-Learning at the DCP

Due to Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) the Administration office and SSC of our department are currently working from home. Here we will provide general information for all our colleagues at DCP.

Some information is only accessible in the intranet; you need a VPN access and your access data.

You might already have the VPN Client on your computer, if not you can try to install the VPN Client (Cisco, the one recommended by the RRZE). The RRZE provides installing instructions in German, you might give it a try…

Using VPN you can access the intranet and the server of the department. For support, please contact the RRZE.

The Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) and RRZE recommend using either Jitsi or Eyeson as an alternative to congested Adobe Connect on DFN servers. Information can be found on StudOn (in German).

General staff regulations and information on teaching/learning related to Corona are provided by the administration of the FAU and are updated by them. Please address questions and concerns, which are relevant for everybody at the FAU to and in CC to

FAU’s general regulations

FAQ on Homeoffice and E-Learning at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy

The following FAQs is answering questions, which are relevant for our department and not covered by the central administration of the FAU.

In view of the risk posed by the coronavirus COVID-19, the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy (DCP) has taken important measures. Each scientific area has designated a responsible contact person who is available for urgent questions regarding the closure of laboratories/offices. Please limit your inquiries – if possible – to the usual operating hours, unless exceptional circumstances require this.

The contact persons are:

  • Inorganic chemistry: Christian Färber (
  • Organic chemistry: Michael Brettreich (
  • Physical/theoretical chemistry: Guido Sauer (
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry/food chemistry: Harald Hübner (

Prepare yourself and all employees for a longer absence from the laboratory/office. Above all, please inform your international employees about the current situation. Please inform all employees immediately to stop all ongoing experiments in the laboratory and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the laboratory for everyone.

In addition, we recommend that each research group check laboratories and offices regularly, e.g. every second day. However, it is not necessary to have one person on site around the clock. Instead, draw up a master plan in consultation with the responsible contact person in your area, who will carry out the controls/examinations, and make sure that you have designated a substitute in case of illness etc. Whoever carries out these regular controls/examinations should bear in mind that the buildings will remain locked. So either have the appropriate access authorisations unlocked on your FAU card or obtain the appropriate keys. If for any reason (e.g. domestic quarantine) you or your staff are not able to carry out the necessary steps, please inform the contact person responsible in your area (see above) and, if necessary, your laboratory/office colleagues. Please do not hesitate to inquire, preferably by e-mail, if you have urgent questions about the whole process.

Regardless of the above measures, please prepare yourself and your colleagues to work from home. For scientific discussions and the exchange of information within the group, please make sure to use alternative means of communication, e.g. by telephone, e-mail or Skype. Also make sure that you can work via VPN.

Please make sure to start switching off the system immediately and come to a conclusion by Wednesday evening at the latest. We will inform you about further developments as soon as they are available. Please check your e-mails regularly.

Here is a description in English of the curfew rules for Bavaria, which will be effective from now on:

Please contact your supervisor and ask whether your workplace is locked due to COVID-19. And please be sure to have your FAU card on you when you go to work and back home from work. Even if you have an access permit to enter the Chemikum building, you need the FAU card to be able to enter the Chemikum. The Chemikum building will be locked at all times, starting now.

Currently, employees are still allowed to enter the Chemistry buildings. This can change very quickly when the FAU administration decides on a closure (and reopening) of the FAU. The university already requested all employees to work remotely (check FAQs of the FAU).

In case you need to enter one of our buildings, e.g. you have to check on sensitive equipment, make sure to have company (in case you have an accident).

From now on until April 19th 2020 your supervisor has to inform P2 or P4 you are working in Home office and that IT-safety measures and data protection is ensured.

IT-safety: do not pass your access data to a third party

Data protection: business data are only to be processed on your business computer. Due to the current situation there is a special arrangement for the data protection (official information only in German available). You are allowed to do research on your private computer.

A business laptop computer has to be provided by the working group, the recommended equipment is: VPN, mail (including the installment of function addresses), office programmes, FAUBox, browser, if possible a safe access to the file server of the FAU. In case an access to the file server of the FAU is not possible, documents which are needed to work on should be stored in the FAUBox, to have an access from home. All staff members working from home should check already in the office all necessary tools and options are working. Please make sure, you know all your necessary access data for the various tools, IdM, StudOn, mail, WordPress etc.

Please do not forget to turn all radiators in the offices down to 1 to avoid unnecessary energy consumption in case of prolonged absence!

The working groups and chairs are asked to stay in touch, please include your international colleagues and students, who are currently doing research in your group as well. They might not know how to get around in Germany, especially these days and they might not have many other contacts.

You can reach the team of the department via or via the usual mail addresses.

Call forwarding to an external telephone number is currently only permitted for medical staff. Existing call diversions have been cancelled to our knowledge (please test for yourself).

Alternatively, you can use the telephone service’s One Box answering machine. The activation must be requested via You can find instruction in German on the phones on

The DFN-Server is currently overloaded. In case you find a more reliable solution, please let us know.

The Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) and RRZE recommend using either Jitsi or Eyeson as an alternative to congested Adobe Connect on DFN servers. Information can be found on StudOn (in German).

We are waiting for further information from the FAU.

As for know everybody should be prepared to switch to E-Learning, the FAU offers support and Information:

Otherwise, we assume that more and more online training courses will be offered and wait for further developments.