Undergraduates and visitors

Short-term members of the Bachmann group

We regularly host student interns in our group as well as external visitors.

Helal Uddin

Photo: Uddin

Helal Uddin
Anastasiia Podurets

Photo: Podurets

Anastasiia Podurets: Ph. D. student from Saint Petersburg State University, visiting our group on a DAAD fellowship



O. M. Osmolovskaya, Yu. V. Petukhova, A. A. Podurets, E. A. Syukkalova, V. V. Suslonov, D. S. Kolokolov, S. V. Kotel’nikova, N. P. Bobrysheva, M. G. Osmolowsky
Approaches to the Control of Morphological Parameters of Inorganic Nanoparticles in the Synthesis from Solutions
Russian J. General Chem. 2019, 89, 1154–1161

C. Vakh, A. Pochivalov, A. Podurets, N. Bobrysheva, O. Osmolovskaya, A. Bulatov
Tin oxide nanoparticles modified by copper as novel catalysts for the luminol–H2O2 based chemiluminescence system
Analyst 2019, 144, 148-151

Marina Günthert

Photo: Günthert

Marina Günthert: HiWi
Rami Alahmar

Photo: Alahmar

Rami Alahmar: inorganic chemistry intern
Seyma Karagöz

Photo: Karagöz

Seyma Karagöz: inorganic chemistry intern
Lena Mittmann

Photo: Mittmann

Lena Mittmann: HiWi
Sofia Korenko: HiWi