Undergraduates and visitors

Short-time members of the Bachmann group

We regularly host student interns in our group as well as external visitors.

Florian Scheler

Photo: Bachmann

Florian Scheler: student assistant (‘Hiwi’, B. Sc. 2017)
Ricarda Kloth

Photo: Bachmann

Ricarda Kloth: B. Sc. 2016, currently ‘Hiwi’
Ceyla ASker

Photo: Asker

Ceyla Asker: HiWi
Elif Kocar

Photo: Bachmann

Elif Kocar: HiWi
Soheila Nadiri

Photo: Nadiri

Soheila Nadiri: HiWi
Evanie Franz

Photo: Franz

Evanie Franz: Bachelor student