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Bachmann group

Sandra Haschke

Sandra Haschke

Sandra Haschke

Image: Bachmann

Sandra Haschke studied chemistry at the University of Erlangen and obtained her M. Sc. in 2014 in our group. She now focuses on water oxidation at iron oxide surfaces.


S. Schlicht, S. Haschke, V. Mikhailovskii, A. Manshina, J. Bachmann
“Optimization of nanoporous water oxidation electrodes based on an original iridium atomic layer deposition reaction”
S. Haschke, D. Pankin, Y. Petrov, S. Bochmann, A. Manshina, J. Bachmann
ChemSusChem 2017, accepted
“Design rules for oxygen evolution catalysis at porous iron oxide electrode surfaces: Thousand-fold current density increase”
S. Haschke, Y. Wu, M. Bashouti, S. Christiansen, J. Bachmann
ChemCatChem 2015, 7, 2455-2459
“Engineering nanoporous iron(III) oxide into an effective water oxidation electrode”