Current group

Current members of the Bachmann group

We are located in the building of the Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Films (IZNF) at Cauerstr. 3, where we occupy offices 2.135 to 2.138 and 2.164 to 2.167. Our laboratories are 2.113 (thin films), 1.100-1.101 (electrochemistry), 1.121 (‘moonshine lab’), 0.117 (instrumental lab), and (operated together with the Halik group) 2.103, 2.106, 2.107, 2.110. Additionally, we have our lab U1.023 in the EAM building, Egerlandstr. 3a for larger electrochemical setups (anodization, electrolysis, CO2 electroreduction).


Prof. Julien Bachmann, Principal investigator
Laura Progscha, Team assistant
Dr. Sebastian Bochmann, senior scientist
Dr. Ignacio Mínguez Bacho, Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow
Dr. Maïssa Barr, early-career investigator
Dr. Ryan Crisp, early-career investigator
Dr. Negar Gheshlaghi, postdoctoral researcher

Doctoral students

Pascal Büttner
Dirk Döhler
Xin Liu
Yuanyuan Cao
Michael Bosch
Michael Schöbitz
André Hofer
Vanessa Koch
Sarah Tymek
Ivan Kundrata
Jonas Englhard
Marco Jiménez Sánchez
Baolin Zhao
Sofia Korenko

Master’s students

Andrés Triana
Helal Uddin
Julian Mitrovic
Peichun Liao
Jonas Neumeyer
Maximilian Dierner
Vincent Mauritz

Short-time group members

Trainees, bachelor’s students, and external visitors.

Philip Wiesner: M. Sc. 2021, now with Atlant 3D Nanosystems
Natalie Lam: HiWi
Katharina Dehm: HiWi
Peter von Grundherr: HiWi
Lisa Ngo: HiWi
Kierstin P. Torres: MISTI research assistant from MIT
Jaroslav Charvot: Ph. D. student in Prof. Bureš’ lab at the University of Pardubice, visiting our group with the Erasmus program
Stevie Furxhiu: HiWi
Robin Böhm: inorganic chemistry trainee
Amar Safee Hadi: inorganic chemistry trainee
Michael Landes: nanotechnology trainee
Simon Merkel: nanotechnology trainee
Selina Kern: Bachelor student
Minh-Hoa Tran: chemistry education student working on her license thesis
Maja Strmečki: inorganic chemistry trainee
Janina Engelhardt: M. Sc. student from IFW Dresden


Last group meeting of 2019

Pre-corona group photo in front of the IZNF artwork:

CTFM group

Photograph: Bochmann

The group getting ready for Bergkirchweih 2019

“Weißwurstfrühstück” before leaving for the “Berg”…

Photo of the Bachmann group 2019

Photo: Bachmann


Rainbow cake with unicorn…

…. vegan, with glitter! There have been a number of memorable cakes in the group, but Vanessa’s creation brings it to a whole new level:

Vanessa's unicorn cake

Photo: Bochmann