Current group

Current members of the Bachmann group

You will find us in our office A2.8 (phone: 09131 85 29437), in A00.46, or in our laboratories. Our instruments are scattered across the building: A2.41, thin films; A2.42, wet chemical work; A0.6, electrochemistry; A1.36, glovebox; A00.2, instrument room.

Principal investigator

Prof. Julien Bachmann


Dr. Hong Sun
Dr. Adriana Both Engel
Dr. Ignacio Mínguez Bacho
Dr. Maïssa Barr

Ph.D. students

Sebastian Bochmann
Stefanie Schlicht
Sandra Haschke
Jule Schneider
Ying Zhuo
Pascal Büttner
Dirk Döhler
Xin Liu
Yuanyuan Cao

Master’s students

Michael Bosch
Huanyu He
Rega Mathiyazhagan
Xiaodan Wei

Short-time group members

Trainees, bachelor students, and external visitors.

Florian Scheler: student assistant (‘Hiwi’) and Bachelor student
Marina Kinzelmann: Bachelor student
Ricarda Kloth: B. Sc. 2016, currently ‘Hiwi’

Rainbow cake with unicorn…

…. vegan, with glitter! There have been a number of memorable cakes in the group, but Vanessa’s creation brings it to a whole new level:

Vanessa's unicorn cake

Photo: Bochmann


The group at Bergkirchweih 2016

The weather was a little chilly…

Bachmann group at Bergkirchweih 2016

Image: Zhuo