Former members of our group

Huanyu He: catalysis trainee 2017, currently at IFW Dresden as an external M. Sc. student
Xiaodan Wei: catalysis trainee and M. Sc. 2017
Marina Kinzelmann: B. Sc. 2017
Lukas Mai: catalysis trainee 2017
Vanessa Koch: B. Sc. 2016 and  ‘HiWi’; currently in Erasmus exchange at the University of Delft.
Clémence Badie: intern from Aix-Marseille Université, 2017
Dr. Yanlin Wu obtained her Ph. D. in our group (2012-2016) then stayed for a few months with us as a postdoc. She is now a postdoc with Nicola Pinna at Humboldt-Universität Berlin.
Leonid Shupletsov: B. Sc. 2017
Johannes Fichtner, M. Sc. 2016, has started his Ph. D. thesis at the Technical University of Munich in the physics of energy conversion and storage.
Simon Münch: Bachelor student 2017
Benedikt Wolz: B. Sc. 2017
Manuel Neumann: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2017
Odion Omoataman: Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2016
Akhere Omoataman: Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2016
Andreas Reichert. M. Sc. 2016: Currently a Ph. D. student at the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg
Anna Vasileva: Master’s student at Saint Petersburg State University, guest in our group in 2015 and 2016
Manuel Antush Cubillas: Ph. D. student at Université Paris-Sud (ICMMO) with Loïc Assaud, guest in our group in 2016
Adrian Vogel: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2016
Paola Autry-Choité: Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2016
Tanja Benninger: Catalysis trainee and HiWi 2015, specialization module student 2016
Birrah Sami: Mitarbeiterpraktikantin and catalysis trainee 2016
David Kitsche, B. Sc. 2016
Dominik Benz (M. Sc. 2016) studied molecular science at the University of Erlangen, with a stay at the University of Wollongong in Australia, and performed his Bachelor’s and Master’s research in our group. He joined Prof. Ruud von Ommen‘s group at Delft University (NL) for his Ph. D. thesis.
Matthias Müller, M. Sc. 2016, is currently a Ph. D. student at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.
Victoria Salinas, M. Sc. 2016
Dominik Fehn and Julian Bock: Mitarbeiterpraktikanten
Christopher Behling, B. Sc. 2016
Simon Kellner, B. Sc. 2016
Michael Mödl, Master’s student 2015
Anshu Manocha, Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2015
Gizem Özkan, Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2015
Sany Chea: HiWi 2015
Marco Kürzdörfer: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2015
Andreas Förtsch: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2015
Dr. Loïc Assaud, postdoc 2014 from Aix-Marseille Université / CINAM in Marseille. Currently a Maître de Conférences at Université Paris-Sud in Paris, France.
Emine Karakayan: HiWi 2014
Maïssa Barr: Visiting student from CINAM (Marseille, France), 2014
Gunther Möller: B. Sc. student 2014
Alexey Kireev: Visiting student from Saint Petersburg State University, 2014
Markus Licklederer, M. Sc. 2014
Now a Ph. D. student in the Materials Science department of FAU with Prof. Patrick Schmuki
Daniel Besold, M. Sc. 2014. Currently a Ph. D. student at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.
Tim Reinhard: Catalysis trainee 2014
Alex Tafel: HiWi 2014
Jonas Ritzer: HiWi 2014
Jing Cao
Martin Minameyer: Catalysis trainee 2014
Daniel Pividori: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2014
Felix Meyerhöfer: B. Sc. 2014
Ramandeep Kaur: catalysis trainee 2014
Nisha Verma: catalysis trainee 2014
Vanessa Hinterberger: B. Sc. 2013, Katalyse-Praktikantin 2014
Katharina Weber: Katalyse-Praktikantin 2014
Grisell Reyes Rios
Antonio Notarnicola
Johannes Schumacher, Diplom-Chemiker 2014
Currently a PhD student at University of Göttingen with Prof. Steinem
Max Peters: HiWi 2013
Hannah Schlott und Tanja Bauer: Mitarbeiterpraktikantinnen 2014
Matthias Künzel: B. Sc. student 2014
İpek Berberoğlu: Erasmus trainee from the University of Ankara (Turkey), 2013
Martin Guerrero Morales: trainee from the University of Guanajuato (Mexico), 2013
Vera Warmbrunn: Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2013
Jan Joseph: B. Sc. student 2013
Markus Einzinger: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2013
Li Zhengyu: Mitarbeiterpraktikantin 2013
Andreas Goettler: B. Sc. student 2013
Marcus Heilmann: Mitarbeiterpraktikant 2013
Sabrina Gärtner: B. Sc. student 2013